LAXX.DJ was created as a platform to listen to and discover music one truly enjoys. Based on the tracks you play, LAXX.DJ continually refines the kind of music it lets you discover. Your taste is stored in your device's local storage - no account creation required.

When we created LAXX.DJ, our most valued guides were immediacy and minimalism - leveraging the user's decision of what is to be played to the service and making sure the listener isn't distracted by anything which is not what he is really here for - the music. In this spirit, as soon as you enter “” into your browser the music starts playing (provided your browser settings allow this, otherwise you can just press play yourself). The clean and function oriented interface immediately gives you a sense of relief and invites you for a refreshing change of how you listen to your music - especially nowadays in the times of flashy, distracting and attention-seeking digital platforms.

LAXX.DJ is meant to be continually developed and refined as a platform based on our user's experience while at the same time keeping in mind the values of functionality, immediacy and minimalism on which it was build upon in the first place. Feel free to share your experience with us and thank you for using our service, we hope it serves you well.